FoxFlash Slave Tool Release Now!

FoxFlash Slave Tool Release Now!

I'm happy to report that our slave version of the tool is now available for release after hard work by our team.

A:Whats the Slave tool
With a slave tool you read and write crypted files. These files can only be modified by a specific master. This master is a file provider designated when you buy the tool. Your slave tool is linked to this master.

B:Do the have all of the foxFlash function
Yes ,it have all of the foxFlash function

C:who need Slave tool
1:Anyone who cant develop his own tuning file , but need some good tuner can supply ,so they will need it .
2:Anyone want a lower price get this tool.
3:Anyone master owner want develop his own dealer tuning net in the world

D:Can this slave tool upgrade to Master
Yes, you can upgrade it as master ,Any slave tool can be remotely transformed into master tool if the following conditions are met :
Your master approves the switch (we need written approval from the current master to
You pay the price difference

E:Can this slave tool work on ECU clone and repairs
Yes, it can , you can use tool dump the ecu flash and eprom also can upload back to ecu too.

F:how it will works if I have a master tool, I want develop my own slave users
1:contact your seller or the official get the master&slave manage tool
2:order the slave tool and sell to your client
3:client use his slave tool read file and send to you ,so you can use the master&slave tool decrypt the file and help them tuning ,then crypt it, after all done , send file back.